In a world that is ever-changing with more complex regulations and competition, there is an increasing requirement for growers to keep current with all of the latest changes in regulation, technology and innovations.  There is not enough time in the day to do this well while tending to the rising demands of the overall business.

At Laurel Ag, we have combined the vast experience of growers, engineers, entrepreneurs, and innovators in an effort to bridge the gap between the grower and irrigation innovation.   We work alongside the grower driving for increased returns, yields, and freedom by guiding the irrigation design process with state-of-the-art systems, innovative solutions, and a devoted team.

As we developed this solution-based group, we wanted to be sure that we were filling the gaps with members that had reputations that exceeded themselves.   The agriculture industry is a tight knit group – one where your word goes a long way.  Over 120 years of combined experience within our leadership team illustrates the value of hard work, relationship building and respect for the land that gives us our livelihood.

As we move forward, our individual mentalities are now rolled up together into one – to serve the customer, the land and each other with respect.   We do this through collaborating between each other, building new programs and products that solve their toughest issues. 

What once was separate efforts is now a combined group on the same long-term mission – helping the grower, as a team, to do what they do best – cultivate the land in a sustainable, profitable and responsible way.   We love this land. It’s in our blood. Its dirt is under our fingernails.  Its fruits build our future.